• Networking

Membership in KASEP provides an excellent opportunity for state extension personnel to interact and network with one another. Moreover, this organization is especially helpful to new employees who are trying to navigate their way towards a productive career through our Extension system, and to others who wish to stay current on issues that affect us as professionals.


  • Leadership

KASEP provides a forum for interaction among state extension personnel and upper-level administration. The organization serves to elevate ideas and concerns for the improvement and success of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Members may serve on ad hoc committees that advise administration. 


  • Professional Development

Membership in KASEP provides opportunities for professional development. In the past, KASEP members have met with elected officials and other employees of state government personnel. The organization also provides professional development seminars and talks at meetings. The themes of these programs are based on input from members.


  • Awards

KASEP recognizes the acheivements of members through numerous awards. Outstanding extension personnel and extension programs are rewarded with a certificate and/or monetary award.